Leather Dog Leash With Stitching


We made a batch of leashes and collars this week with the natural 11/13 oz premium Herman Oak  English Bridle leather. This 11/13 oz leather and all the leather we get from Herman Oak is naturally tanned using tannins from tree bark (made by boiling the bark in water, just as tea and coffee are made) limestone and oils from fish and animals. The organic nature of the leather is ideal for a dog’s collar in addition to being the most biodegradable of all leathers. Jules went a bit further with the process with extra sanding and edging for something extra smooth near the dog‘s coat .

We tested a new collar and leash with Rover and he loved it.

Leather color and nuances vary.  We use the strongest possible full grain leather available.   During the process of tanning full grain English Bridle leather the tannery takes off the minimal amount of hair and skin from the hide to save the strength and rigidity of the leather.  As is always the case full grain leather shows nuances from the hide including small marks and blemishes.  This is bringing back the origins of leather crafting when gear lasted for a lifetime and longer.  

As always with hand crafted gear small stitching anomalies and nuances happen.  We prefer to move forward with everything we do instead of sending anything to the landfill.  

Pickup available at 1273 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd. Usually ready in 24 hours

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    Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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