Sophy Hotel Leather Folio Project

Sophy Hotel Leather Folio Project


leather folio

The Project

This was a project that we did for Sophy Hotel our of Hyde Park, Chicago. They request about 100 leather folios that could be used to store menus, TV guides, and other documents in each one of their beautiful rooms.

This was a relatively straight forward project for us, because it was their second order after a few years of using the first batch we made them. So, designs were already done and it was just time to repeat the craftsmanship that had them coming back for more. 

We used tan leather for the folio cover and green leather as the retainers inside of the folio. We cut each individual folio out, riveted a hole in the cover for the wraparound strap, pressed in the hotel's logo, and sewed the border to hold it together. 

open leather folio

We are excited to be sending this set of handmade folios to the folks at Sophy Hotel.

stitching on a leather folio

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